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' F e e l    M y     P a i n '

|| Role-Play # : 01 || Record : 00 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Achievements
: None ||


-The Forward:

PWF-Primetime Wrestling Federation has opened its doors..A Whole New Era has awoken..Along with a whole new breed of Superstars..Same faces, new Attitude..Mick Foley has created something, something new, something different..Evolution; PWF's Weekly Show has yet to be announced..PWF is exactly that though..An Evolution..A Better Form of what is the past..A Change from the original..Developing a more gradual company..A Better Place..A Greater place..Whats to come for the PWF? No one knows..Atleast not yet..What we know is..Its something good..Something, never before seen..PWF-The Place to Expect The Unexpected..This is the beginning..Let the show beginning..

-End Of Forward

The Scene opens up to a empty room..The Camera's come in a little closer..The focus on a chair, back faced to the Camera's..PWF Camera's are yet to make out who is behind this chair..They try to get closer..But a voice is heard..A voice saying..'Stop'..The Camera's come to a hault..Slowly the chair turns..Inch by inch, it makes its way facing the camera..Sitting in this chair..Is..Kane..Kane, with his head down, has a black cloth slung over his head, covering a part of his face..The PWF Camera's zoom into Kane..Kane slowly raises his head as he looks into the Camera..He speaks..

'Re-Born' Kane: What do you people want? Are you here to make fun of me? Are you here to laugh and point fingers? I wont have any of that..No..I wont take that..You take advantage of me..You make me out to be..To Be a Freak Show! You dont know me..No One Knows me..I dont think..Anyone wants to know me..I'll warn you now..Dont make fun of me..If you were smart..You'd listen..Don't talk behind my back..I hear all..You see, people dont accept me..They dont accept me..Because im different from them..Im not like them..Its not my fault..I didnt do this to myself..Nature did this to me..Nature made me a..A MONSTER! I cant change who I am..Its too late for that..This is who I am..This is who ive become..This is what I will be..PWF..Fear Me..These looks, wont decieve you..What you see..Is what you get..Those who choose to laugh at me..Will feel my pain..Its your decision.You choose your path..I dont control your fate..Only you do..Mark my words..When the time comes for me to control it..I can assure you..Life wont be so great..For now, Life is good..Atleast for you..Until you say the wrong thing..Take the wrong move..Day by day..Live life afraid..Afraid of what I might do..Afraid..At what might come next..Dont think for one second Ill show mercy..Dont think..I wont hesitate..To hurt you..I dont care about anyone..This world, the people in it, I can careless about..They mean nothing! Im here for one reason..One reason only!! That is for the beginning..Of my Massacre..My life..The Pain involved in it..Shall ricochet to you all..You will feel what Ive felt all these years..The years of pain..The years of brutal hell! Do you think its pleasant to keep yourself in hiding? To isolate from all humanity? Discarding yourself from society..Its not..You will know how I feel..This whole place..Will know how I feel..In due time..You will all understand! The toture begins here..The gates of hell have opened..And look..Im here to welcome you..Welcome to my world..Here..You will..


Don't Make Fun Of Me!

Kane stands up..He pushes the Camera man to the ground..The Scene instantly goes to static..


|| Felt My Pain :No-One..YET! ||

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